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Scenic Rivers is an area covered in beautiful and bountiful wilderness. What better way to experience the wilds than through the great outdoors? With multiple state parks, camping and RV areas, visitors and residents alike have the opportunity to explore the wonders the surrounding area provides.

The state takes great pride in the abundance and diversity of Mississippi wildlife flourishing through its 49 wildlife management areas, 11 national refuges, 6 national forests and 5 national parks. Many of these areas are found in Scenic Rivers.

The state is also home to one of the largest population of White Tail Deer per acre in the country, while the Eastern Wild Turkey, wild boar, fox, rabbit and squirrel make their homes safely among the towering trees of Mississippi’s vast wilderness.

Great conservational efforts have gone into the preservation of the Mississippi Black Bear. Hunted nearly to extinction, it’s now a rare sight indeed—but one still to be had if you’re in the right place at the right time. Placed on the threatened species list because of its decreasing population, the native black bear has since seen its numbers on the rise. So don’t be surprised to find one also taking advantage of the bountiful countryside.

Home to hundreds of unique and beautiful species, scenic rivers' offer some of the finest outdoor experiences in the state. Its treasured natural resources offer the experience of true beauty that can only be found in its natural surroundings.


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